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-1. they're stil a game behind the yankees in the a.l. east. the orioles magic number to clinch a playoff spot is three. cincinnati pitcher bailey has a historic night. that ties a major league baseball record. full name, i know you're wondering, david dewitt bailee nicknamed "homer" after his great grandfather. >>> head coaches that are good friends and even used to coach together. screaming eagles head coach, fred kim, there he is. he left to take over at seneca valley. forty quarter valley, up 6-0. just six minutes left to play. eagles come right back. kevin jaffee. so the cougars miss and the e eagles up 14-9. the eagles first win over the cougars in 10 years. >> the guys always beat my rear end. it's been tough for our program because everyone feels that se snr neca is the old hat. >> all of these years, they've been able to finish it on us. we were able to close it out ourselves tonight. >> still friends but a s what makes the sleep number store different? we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. now you can feel what ha
beat toronto, a game and a half behind the yankees in the al east. >>> how about this, baltimore and washington getting some love on this weeks "sports illustrated" cover. the o's on the cover and cover stories about the nationals and rg3. rg3 has been on "sports illustrated's" cover twice in the last the year and has another cover story about him. safe to say, people know about the kid. redskins put roy hillue on the injured reserve. they replaced him with ryan grant who won a super bowl with the packers. he chose the redskins over the bears because he felt like this was a better opportunity. he thought he would see more playing time echl is familiar with the shanahan's zone blocking system and the coach happy to have a veteran running back with a resume that includes 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns on the roster. >> i think he fits with what we do. he is big and fast and has some experience. he is a very sharp kid, picks things up very quickly. at this time of year, you need guys that have a little experience. i think he is a guy in a couple week's time probably could learn the s
the rays. the yankees win in extras over the sox in 12. the yankses have a one-game lead on the o's -- the yanks have a one-game lead on the o's in the division. >>> four weeks to the day wizards tip off the nba season on the road at cleveland. four weeks after that john wall is scheduled to rejoin the team. now it's a lot of rehabbing the injured knee. open training camp at george mason today, head coach randy wittman, his first full season, everybody gets restless on the eve of camp. >> didn't sleep much last night, but that's always good. i never sleep before we play. excitement is there just as it is for me to have a chance to start this thing from the beginning. >> i really have a hard time sleeping, too as well. it's the same way before a game. i guess i'm used to it now. whenever you got to get up and perform, me personally i just stay up thinking about it all night replaying just trying to envision myself doing something before i do it and get out here and try to accomplish that. >>> back to sunday pregame, redskins defensive back brandon meriweather collides with aldrick
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3